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Pro-dm map-pack 
When searching for maps to include in the nedMAPPACK v6 I found some in my 'base' folder. Some of these were downloaded from various sites while others came from various servers. Out of the ones I liked I was able to find download links for all of them except for the Pro-dm ones. These Pro-dm maps are modified versions of original Doom 3 multiplayer maps.

from the readme files...Quote:
Why pro maps?
Well, to put it frankly Doom 3 can be very unfair in duel based games. An initial spawn really can determine the outcome of a game between players of equal skill. It is true that great players can come back, of course they can. These pro-maps are nothing crazy, they are just subtle changes that I have implemented to make the game a bit more honorable and in the long run I believe a more accurate result of skill will be clear. I also wanted to stay close to the stock maps so if you do go from pro to stock then the differences will not be that huge. Put it this way, if you own in Doom 3 then you will STILL own on the pro maps, but you can just take more pride in your win because the game is fairer with these maps.

Pro-dm2 modified version of Delta Lab, see readme
Pro-dm3 modified version of Frag Chamber, see readme
Pro-dm4 modified version of The Edge 2, see readme
Pro-dm5 modified version of Lights Out, see readme

!! see specific readme files for specific map alterations !!

AUTHOR - James Williams
RELEASED - June 2005

I emailed the author to try to find more info on these maps and also asked if he made a modified version of Tomiko Reactor. I never got a reply. I couldn't find them hosted anywhere so decided to host them myself. I figure because they were downloadable from a public server he wouldn't mind them being available this way ;]


Pro-dm map-pack - link - 13MB -