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How do you make a dedicated server visable online? 
While in one of my Doom 3 servers I was asked some questions about dedicated server setups.

How do you make the server seen in online server browsers?

First! Your router MUST be bridged. A direct connection is required to run a Doom 3 dedicated server. Port-forwarding will NOT enable the server to be seen on the net.

see below links!

Ensure you include the following line to your target:
+set net_serverDedicated 1 +set net_ip XX.XX.XX.XX +set net_port XXXXX

-notes on the cvars-
net_serverDedicated 0 = listen
net_serverDedicated 1 = dedicated
+set net_ip [add current net IP]
+set net_port [default is 27666]

Ensure the following lines are in your server config
seta net_master0 ""
seta net_master1 ""
seta net_LANServer "0"


Useful links

To setup voting options the cvar g_voteFlags is used. Default is Zero which mean all voting is ENABLED.

Each voting option has a number value. The voting options you DON'T want, add the corresponding number and use the answer for g_voteFlags.

(+1) restart now
(+2) time limit
(+4) frag limit
(+8) game type
(+16) kick player
(+32) change map
(+64) spectators
(+128) next map

set g_voteFlags 0 = all voting enabled
set g_voteFlags 255 = all voting disabled

NOTE: One more thing, some default ISP router firmware will make it impossible to host a Doom 3 server. Initially I was unable to get my test servers to be seen online. I tried the same router I was supplied with by my ISP but with standard firmware and the Doom 3 servers were seen from the net.