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Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood server. 


name nedCOJ-BB
version 1.1 (dedicated)
friendly fire ON
points limit - DEFAULTS
bounty limit - DEFAULTS
time limits - DEFAULTS


Patch v1.1 - link -
currently no custom content
-contact me if you would like to test/play custom content on this server-
- - Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood User Content Official Site -

// Available maps.

Taos Pueblo
Burnside's Bridge
Stinking Springs

// Available Multiplayer Modes

Shootout - Deathmatch based on bounty instead of frags. There is a bounty for the head of each player. When you kill a player, you earn the amount of cash equal to his or her bounty.

Posse - Team Deathmatch.

Wanted - Only the Wanted can gain points for killing. The other players can score by killing the Wanted. The player that kills the Wanted becomes Wanted himself. Wanted players have their location displayed via the HUD.

Manhunt - There are two teams and one Wanted player - the top player in one of the teams. If the Wanted player survives for 60 seconds, the team scores. When the Wanted player is killed, a new Wanted from the opposing team is assigned (the top player in that team).

Wild West Legends - One of the teams has several objectives to complete; some can be completed in different ways, some are optional. The opposing team is trying to prevent completion of the objectives within the given time limit. Levels are strongly themed and based on real historical events.


Note: All characters are unlocked in a LAN game.


Putting together dedicated online game servers is a hobby of mine. Most of the servers listed in this blog are run from one of my home connections and are fired up by request. I can be contacted via this blog or at (Ned). Home IPs are dynamic.