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[RtCW] 20 slot OSP server available when required! 
Sunday, 24 December, 2006, 07:02 - Wolfenstein
I've figured out a way to be able to run RtCW from within an ET install. What this means is I can change between the following games within seconds (but can't run at the same time).

ET - ET Pro mod
ET - FritzBot mod
RtCW - OSP mod
-same IP for all three-

happy times!

RtCW server details - here -

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[ET] new IP for ET server!! 
Wednesday, 20 December, 2006, 08:26 - Enemy Territory
The Enemy Territory server has a new IP:

nedET [fritzbot]

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[ET] map list update --- Supply Depot 
Wednesday, 20 December, 2006, 08:17 - Enemy Territory
Now GA season 8 is over I've removed Supply Depot from the server. The only version now left on the server is a modified version (ClanBase version) of Supply Depot 2 by arni & mortis.

Features and Fixes:
spawn bug (mortis)
gold bug (mortis)
grenade/mortar over roof into stairwell exploit (mortis)
satchel/crane control exploit (mortis)
radio sounds completely removed (arni)
base alarm sound stops when truck is in base (arni)
Size reduced by 1.2Mb (arni)

The map cycles have been adjusted - link -
Download from server or - here -

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[ET] GameArena season 8 over 
Wednesday, 20 December, 2006, 07:53 - Enemy Territory
It came down to Adversus and Team Modus Operandi to battle it out for the top spot. Each team got to choose a map. Adversus chose SW GoldRush TE. Modus Operandi chose Supply Depot. The decider map if required was ET Beach Invasion.

Map_1 - sw_goldrush_te
game1 Adversus
game2 Adversus

Map_2 - supplydepot
game1 Adversus
game2 Team Modus Operandi
game3 Adversus

Adversus win GA ET season 8 ~ 2-0

GameArena thread - here -

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[ET] nedETPRO file update 
Sunday, 17 December, 2006, 08:27 - Enemy Territory
I've removed more campaign files.
Map cycle and campaign details - here -

You can delete the following files from the etmain folder:

I've created a nedETPRO pack which includes all the three watermarks used on the server and the skullmines skins. This reduces the required etpro files a client needs to play on the server by 3.

You can delete the following files from the etpro folder:
skullmines.pk3 (other servers may use this pack)

nedETPRO essential info - here -

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[ET] customs night 23 info! 
Wednesday, 13 December, 2006, 10:57 - Enemy Territory

Thursday 14-Dec-06
from 8:30pm (NSW time)

Sottevast (beta 2)
-see below posts!-

CAHA: Tavern (beta 2)
a revisit - final released soon!
-a server favourite!-

Maps can be downloaded from server or - here -

Customs night info/history - here -

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[SS2] Serious Sam II servers ready !!! 
Wednesday, 13 December, 2006, 10:51 - Serious Sam
Well... this is one CRAZY game :o !! Two servers have been setup and tested: Deathmatch & Cooperative.

Details - here -

Thanks to TOG|claw for helping me playtest the various settings =]

<> one thing I dislike about the game is the lack of a decent chat facility
<> other than that it's crazy fun!

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[ET] map update --- Sottevast (beta 2) 
Saturday, 9 December, 2006, 23:27 - Enemy Territory
It's here already! Beta 2 has been released for Sottevast with the following changes:
Flag can no longer be reclaimed by axis once a door has been blown.
Changed terrain near main door. Added two bunkers. Added ladder with team door.
Fixed CP's killed build box thingo.
CP is now both Axis and Allied
Fixed ladder out of river that you'd sort of get stuck on the top and fall back in :<
Added another stair out of the water on the axis side.
Moved Allied first spawn closer
Improved command map

Spawntimes are currently 20/20

Map can be downloaded from server or - here -
Sottevast has been added to the map cycles - link -

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[ET] map news --- Sottevast (beta 1) 
Friday, 8 December, 2006, 13:08 - Enemy Territory
After much testing, Dersaidin (the creator of Sottevast) recommends axis spawntimes to be increased to 25 seconds.

The nedETPRO server now has this value set.

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[PREY] demo server info 
Friday, 8 December, 2006, 12:56 - Prey
Prey is a First Person Shooter which combines authentic Cherokee mythology and science fiction bringing with it some unique features. Spirit walking, wall walking and gravity flipping make the multiplayer deathmatches (and singleplayer mode) very interesting.

demo multiplayer specific info - here:
-unique features
-server settings

Official website:
-demo download available from site-

/waves at Tanya =]

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