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Return to Castle Wolfenstein gametypes and classes. 
RtCW gametypes and classes.

I never played Return to Castle Wolfenstein when it was popular. I even started playing Enemy Territory late! After I realised how much of a great game ET was I got curious about RtCW. I was curious about the gametype and class differences.

The multiplayer component of Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a team-based game that pits an Axis team against an Allied team in one of three gameplay modes: Objective, Stopwatch, or Checkpoint. Not all of the play modes are available on all of the maps. You play as a member of the Axis or Allied team, as one of four classes.

Objective (wolf MP) is the default multiplayer mode. In this mode, the Axis and Allied teams will each have one or more objectives to accomplish within a time limit. The first team to accomplish all of its objectives wins.

Stopwatch (wolf SW) mode is similar to Objective mode but with a twist—after every round, the teams will switch sides and will have to beat the other team’s time from the previous round. Note: You cannot change teams in this game mode.

In Checkpoint (wolf CP) mode, the teams battle for control of checkpoint flags in several areas on a map. The first team to simultaneously control every checkpoint flag or the team that has the most flags when the time expires, wins.

Character Classes

There are four character classes available in multiplayer the Soldier, the Engineer, the Medic, and the Lieutenant.


The soldier class is the standard infantry for both sides, and is the only class that can use all of the two-handed weapons, such as the sniper rifle and the Panzerfaust.


The engineer is the demolition expert, the only class that can use dynamite for destroying objectives and large obstacles. The engineer can also repair damaged MG42 emplaced machine guns. Assaulting teams NEED to have at least one engineer.


The medic is an extremely important support class, replenishing health for teammates and even reviving fallen comrades on the battlefield to avoid having to reinforce. A medic starts with extra health and the medic’s own health regenerates over time. Further, when there is a medic on a team, all players on that team spawn in with 10 extra health points. Medics can drop health packs for other players. There is a power bar on the right side of the HUD indicating if you can drop packs.
Tips & Tactics: Medics allow each member on a team to start with +10 health points (to a maximum of 140). This alone makes them important to have. In addition, they can drop First Aid kits and revive fallen comrades.


The Lieutenant provides ammo for teammates and carries a long-range radio for calling in air strikes and artillery bombardments. All lieutenant special abilities draw from the power bar, located in the lower right hand corner of the HUD.

The lieutenant can generate ammo packs, drawing from his power bar.

Quotes are from the manual:
\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\Docs\Help\Manual\RTCW_Manual_EN\default.htm

-Lieutenant in RtCW = Field Ops in ET
-RtCW Soldiers can carry sniper rifles
-No Covert Ops in RtCW


Regarding the OSP mod.
It does not alter core aspects like class structure.

Q: What does OSP stand for?!
A: Orange Smoothie Productions

Q: So, what is this "Orange Smoothie productions" mod?!?!?
A: In short, OSP is a "competition" mod. It changes no core aspects of the
game (like weapon characteristics, modifications to class structures, etc.),
rather, it enhances what already is there in the basic game. In addition
to more controls for organized match play, OSP adds extras for casual
play, such as weapon/match stats, enhanced voice-overs, helpful UI controls,
more client options, etc.

\Return to Castle Wolfenstein\osp\README.txt