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[FC2] map changes on Far Cry 2 server 
Tuesday, 28 December, 2010, 01:58 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
I've added a couple of custom maps to the server.
Saw-mill by - link -
TAW KingOfTheHill v1.1 by TAW Butter_Cup

Saw-mill is a good looking and very tight map and should get some busy and intense games.
TAW KingOfTheHill is also small but I'm sure chaos will equal fun on this map.

Apocalypse Cow 0.3 by DaWorFizm will be added back into the mapcycle when Osseous Labyrinth by DaWorFizm has been completed.

Contact myself or D.Worf if you're interested in custom map test nights!

Server details including contact info - link -


TAW now have an Australian ranked server running - ! TAW Australia
The Art of Warfare


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[FC2] Woodland Wonderland map completed 
Monday, 27 December, 2010, 12:48 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
edit: map finished

I recently started playing around with the Far Cry 2 map editor. What an awesome piece of software! This is more of an experiment for me rather than a mission to make a great map but I've spent a fair bit of time trying to make it balanced by observing many online games with 12-16 players.

Set on the Zambezi river near an abandoned work site, Woodland Wonderland is a Far Cry 2 custom multiplayer map that supports all gamemodes. The map is not too sniper friendly and the ammo supplies are in one central point of the map to reduce camping domination at objectives. Woodland Wonderland was primarily made to play the Uprising gamemode.

For a manual install option, download - here - 14MB
Available to play and download on my server - link -

Current readme file - woodland-wonderland-README.txt -

Woodland Wonderland plan view -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland Uprising Capture Point A -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland Uprising Capture Point B -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland Uprising Capture Point C -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland UFLL Diamonds -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland APR Diamonds -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland gameplay just before dusk -click to enlarge-

Woodland Wonderland machete fighting at dusk -click to enlarge-

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[FC2] server maps update 
Monday, 29 November, 2010, 11:23 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
Just a quick note regarding my Far Cry 2 server..

Osseous Labyrinth updated to 1.5
Apocalypse Cow 0.3 new install

Far Cry 2 server details - link -


I've started playing around with the Far Cry 2 map editor. What an awesome piece of software! Thanks to those who played my first go at a map last night- nedJUNGLE (beta). This is more of an experiment for me rather than a mission to make a great map. While I have the server going and there are players I'll continue to work on it and throw it into the mapcycle on occasions.

edit: now called Woodland Wonderland

Info coming soon.

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[FC2] Far Cry 2 and Windows 7 
Friday, 19 November, 2010, 23:29 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
Far Cry 2 players that use any version of Windows 7 cannot auto download custom maps. Placing winhttp.dll from Windows XP into the game's \Far Cry 2\bin folder fixes this.

Windows 7 is not an OS that Ubisoft will support with regards to Far Cry 2 - link -

FIX SOURCE - discussion thread

Download winhttp.dll - LINK - 200KB

Far Cry 2 server details - link -

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[FC2] PunkBuster install available for download 
Friday, 19 November, 2010, 09:20 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
PunkBuster is no longer contratced to support Far Cry 2. For ranked multiplayer Far Cry 2 gaming, PunkBuster is required to be enabled on both the server and client which can be a problem with new installs of the game because the PunkBuster client will now not update automatically and you can no longer manually get the required updates from the PB website. Also, after the 1.03 patch the game's remote admin functions broke so now PB is the only way to remotely administor a Far Cry 2 server. Server utilities exist but these do not function remotely.

I've made available for download a Far Cry 2 PunkBuster install.
Server version v1.734 | A1392 C2.159
Client version v2.159 | A1392

If you are having PunkBuster issues then try installing this pack (save your original pb folder first).

-make a copy of your original pb folder
-remove pb folder from game install
-add the downloaded pb folder to game install

\Far Cry 2\bin\pb

Download - LINK ~5MB -

Far Cry 2 server details - link -

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[FC2] Far Cry 2 server now running 
Wednesday, 17 November, 2010, 10:35 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
A quick note for now..

Far Cry 2 server now running 24/7 - - link -

Custom map testing soon, maps by DaWorFizm
First map is Osseous Labyrinth
Details to be announced..

Contact me if you're interested in being involved in custom map testing events.
- Contact Ned (link top right section of blog)
- PM me (Ned) at - link -

- Contact DaWorFizm at - -

Discussion of Osseous Labyrinth can be done at D.Worf's site or in an upcoming thread in the public shooter forum over at

Stay tuned!

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[FC2] Far Cry 2 multiplar maps info... 
Sunday, 17 October, 2010, 05:19 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
I've updated the Far Cry 2 multiplar maps info page with plan images of each of the official maps.

- LINK -

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[FC2] Far Cry 2 section... and server news 
Friday, 24 July, 2009, 23:55 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
Recently I've been trying to play Far Cry 2 multiplayer and set up a server. Unfortionately Ubisoft are have major issues with their servers and it's affecting people like myself wanting to host games. Player matches are resulting in multiple client disconnections and Ranked servers are constantly crashing. Details are on the Ubisoft Far Cry 2 forum. - Far Cry 2 Discussion

I've completed some FC2 info pages. If the game gets fixed, more will come. The following can be found in neds gaming goodies in the Far Cry section.

SERVER * Far Cry 2 (Hardcore mode) -in_progress-on_hold-
Far Cry 2 v1.03 patch and full changlog
Far Cry 2 multiplayer map info
Binding keys in Far Cry 2 multiplayer
Far Cry 2 multiplayer client commands
FC2ServerLauncher v1.03 rc2 info and download
Far Cry 2 server utilities
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[FC2] binding keys in Far Cry 2 multiplayer 
Saturday, 27 December, 2008, 04:22 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
One of annoyances I found with Far Cry 2 was the key-binds that I setup only worked for singleplayer. When playing the multiplayer portion of the game, only some of the binds would work. Using the standard binds looked to be the only answer which to many is very annoying particularly if you are very used to specific binds like I am for nearly every game I play.

BUT, OS|Wendigo posted a fix on the Ubisoft forum - link -

-start the game
-login to multiplayer
-enter a server (probably easier to just create your own)
-go to options menu - controls
-select defaults and re-map your keys

cheers OS|Wendigo!

Far Cry 2 version at time of this blog entry is 1.02

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[FC] nedFARCRY news, all Far Cry content now in blog 
Monday, 29 September, 2008, 05:30 - Far Cry
Posted by ned
I've finally completed the last 1% of work I needed to do to finish the 2v2 Assault server pack. Also, the nedFARCRY [2v2 ASSAULT] server details are completed with 20 custom maps chosen from a very large list.

All of these details plus more are in the blog.
See to the right in the links block.

Servers List
-Map specific details for the nedFARCRY [2v2 ASSAULT] server.

Downloads List
• nedFARCRY [2v2 ASSAULT] server pack

Gaming Info and Links
• FAQ How do I get coloured letters in my name?

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