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[SWB2] Star Wars Battlefront II server news 
Friday, 6 June, 2008, 10:07 - Star Wars Battlefront
I've been asked to set up a Star Wars Battlefront II server. I went and bought the game to give it a go. It's a great game (especially if you're a Star Wars fan). The multiplayer gametype variety is quite diverse which is a good thing.

By request I have a test server running (now) and will continue to run over the weekend. It's running all availble CTF(2) and Conquest maps in a random order. BOTs are enabled. 12 a side for conquest and 8 a side for CTF. A BOT will leave when a human enters. BOTs are set to 'elite'. Heroes are disabled for now but player awards are enabled. Friendly Fire is ON.

If you want to play on the server, ensure you are patched to v1.1
- link - the version of your install is listed top right corner of menu screen.
(DVD version of the game is already patched to v1.1)

server name: nedSWB2

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