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Thursday, 12 July, 2007, 09:53 - >Games (PC)
a quick note about the future of my externally hosted servers

Call of Duty United Offensive [nedUO mod] server up soon
Doom 3 [nedDOOM3 mod] server will run to at least end of 07
nedET & nedRTCW servers to shut down mid August 07
SOF2 server up mid August to help test my weapons mod
-unknown- server to test custom maps and comp mods

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[ET] server shutting down mid AUGUST 
Thursday, 12 July, 2007, 09:42 - Enemy Territory
The nedET server will be shutting down mid August after the end of GameArena season 10

The server doesn't get used the way I intended and unfortionately the ET community is in decline.

So... I'm looking for a new game to play and host a server for! After playing ETQW open beta I've decided this won't be it. ETQW is going to make an AWESOME competition game but public server play just won't be my style.

So what will my next big game be ??
time will tell ;p

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[CODUO] fixed nedUO download!! 
Tuesday, 10 July, 2007, 09:07 - Call of Duty
nedUO mod download fixed!

I made an error with the file format! All good now.
If you have a nedUO folder, delete it before installing new one.

nedUO server up in a few days ;]

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[CODUO] nedUO mod v1.1 finished 
Sunday, 8 July, 2007, 14:06 - Call of Duty
I've finished v1.1 of the nedUO mod.

changes since v1.0f
-removed test BOTs from spawning in SD and RE gametypes from local server config execution setup
-more info in readme
-added more info into example server config
-removed replacement sound for Torkarev TT-33

Full details including download link - here -
I'll have a 12 slot server running with this mod by the end of the week ;]

If I ever find a way to remove corpes in respawning gametypes after x seconds then I'll add it to the mod! imo, this would complete it.

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[CODUO] i'm back into COD 
Saturday, 7 July, 2007, 12:03 - Call of Duty
I've decided to go back to Call of Duty. I tried out COD2 and didn't like it at all. Hitboxes are crazy and the damage from a sniper shot to the shoelace will kill. Call of Duty: United Offensive is the best COD title out there in my opinion so I've joined a TOG team called Hellcats. The Hellcats are what's left of the old TOG Hurricane, Lightning and Typhoon squads... all played the original COD. Most have moved on to COD2.

The Hellcats have just entered into the GameArena 6v6 CTF ladder... not my favourite gametype but plenty of fun to be had!

This has also made me focus on finishing v1.1 of the nedUO mod.
-out this week!- - link -

I'll get nedUO v1.1 hosted for a while when done.
12 (+1) slot server.

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[SOF2] the BS movie 
Tuesday, 3 July, 2007, 11:29 - Soldier of Fortune
After playing SOF2 one day and constantly getting BSed from a noob I decided to take a demo. Turns out the BSing continued.

Anyway, at the time of this I was experimenting with windows movie maker which comes with windows XP and decided to try to put a small movie together. A part of this was I wanted to play around with editting and adding sound.

So.. here is my BS SOF2 movie. It's nothing special but usually gets a few laughs ;p

- link -


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nerd saying hello! 
Tuesday, 3 July, 2007, 11:28 - >Nerd saying Hello!
Hi Alicia!
The guys at EB Games say hi too ;p

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[D3] Pro-dm map-pack available for download 
Tuesday, 3 July, 2007, 11:11 - Doom
These Pro-dm series of maps are modified versions of original Doom 3 multiplayer maps. According to the author, James Williams, fairer and better for comp play.

Available to play - -
nedDOOM3 mod server, details - here -
runs nedMAPPACK v6, details - here -

Pro-dm details - here -

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site news 
Monday, 2 July, 2007, 12:48 - >Misc Chat
This site may have caused some confusion over the last few days with some people not being able to see new posts/info. The server where everything is hosted moved location.

Sorry to the Doom 3 players that couldn't enter the server because there were no available links for the new map-pack.

If you can read this then ALL info is current and all latest links have been re-updated and checked ;]

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[D3] nedMAPPACK v6 completed! 
Monday, 2 July, 2007, 12:35 - Doom
I've finished putting together probably the final map-pack for the nedDOOM3 server. 19 custom maps in a 20 map rotation. Each map can be played in any gametype. Pack includes all original readme files in one .zip and an example mapcycle script.

Thanks to -AJ- for helping me map test, good games!
Thanks also to Tanya for her patience <3

nedMAPPACK v6 is on the server now.

For full mod and map details plus more see - here -

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