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[L4D] new campaign on test server 
Thursday, 13 May, 2010, 12:58 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
I've added a campaign by MapEater called RoadToNowhere. It's at a beta stage so it's buggy but it's still worth a game. There are also a few graphics and fps issues and I think the finale is too easy but I'm hoping at least most of the negatives will get sorted out with future releases.

It's great to play a campaign that doesn't 'feel' similar to the originals!

I'll add this one to the main server pending updates.

Left 4 Dead servers info - HERE -

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[L4D] new additions to servers! 
Sunday, 2 May, 2010, 10:56 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
I've added two more campaigns to both servers.

Dark Blood v1.9 Beta is set on a tankership and offers both co-op and versus. It's still in beta stage so there may be a few updates coming. As it is now it plays very well.
-thanks to TOG Unknown for letting me know about this one-

Suicide Blitz v3.0 is another map that plays well and doesn't have any "samey" feel to it like many custom campaigns do. The author, R.T. Frisk, is still active with this project having recently fixed a major AI issue that prevented me from wanting to upload this to the main server. It's on there now, fixed and ready to play!

Left 4 Dead servers info - HERE -

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[L4D] server news 
Monday, 19 April, 2010, 13:53 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
DeadCity updated to vpk12 on both servers.
(previously Campaign/Versus and Survival were seperate .vpk files, now together)
-thanks to TOG Unknown-

> DeadCity

Silent Fear v1.0 added to the test server.
Five randomly placed glyphs are required to be found to unlock the path to the finale in this Silent Hill themed map. One bug to note is if someone dies, rescue them before you activate the next glyph. Looking for something different? This is it!

> Silent Fear

Left 4 Dead servers info - HERE -

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[L4D] Hunter Training fix released.. 
Monday, 19 April, 2010, 02:54 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
eyeonus has updated his Hunter Training map with a quick fix, v3.5.1. His recently released v3.5 wouldn't start up in singleplayer mode (mulitplayer worked fine).

From the changelog..
Fixed bug causing Single Player loading via menu in L4D1 to fail.

> Hunter Training

Both servers have been updated, info - HERE -


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[L4D] server news 
Sunday, 18 April, 2010, 02:36 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned

Updated Hunter Training to v3.5
-Removed overlapping brushes and various other errors from Live Fire Course.
-Added three more Hunter Spawn Rooms.
-Made C18 more difficult by adding two more floors (The "V" and the "Man") and making half the walls fail-ports.
-Changed the "Diamond" floor in C18 to "Star".
-Added fail-port destination to bottom of C18 so that players don't have to re-do the floor bit if they screw up the ceiling pounce.
-Dimmed the lighting to reduce glare

Please note this version breaks the ability to play this map in singleplayer. I suspect eyeonus will fix this soon.

> Hunter Training


Added Silent Hill 1 v7.1 by Leafo

This campaign is an epic journey! I believe it's a direct port from the original Playstation game and not a Silent Hill themed set of maps.

Note from the author..
Do not download this if you do not like; Puzzle solving, getting lost or exploring the maps.

It took 3-4 of us (myself, Thermal Ions, Unknown and Racer X) over 4 hours to complete... AND the help of Thermal's pro-google skills in sloving some of the puzzles! The BOTs need some work and it's currently a little buggy but it's worth a run. Be prepared to spend some time on it though!

> Silent Hill 1

I'll probably add this one to the main server soon..

Left 4 Dead servers info - HERE -


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[L4D] more custom content added to servers... 
Monday, 5 April, 2010, 08:32 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned

Added Fort Noesis, v5.0 Complete (Campaign & Versus)


Added Fort Noesis, v5.0 Complete (Campaign & Versus
Added Death Row, v1.1 Complete (Campaign, Versus)
Added The Arena of the Dead, v4.0 Complete (campaign, Versus, Survival)
-Death Row and The Arena of the Dead requested by TOG Drac-

Left 4 Dead servers info - HERE -

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[L4D] servers crashing issue fixed plus updates 
Friday, 2 April, 2010, 06:03 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
The Left 4 Dead servers lately have been crashing if more than one person joined. This now appears to be fixed. With the help of TOG Unknown we isolated the issue to SourceMod v1.3.0

Both servers now run SourceMod v1.3.1
Escape from Toronto: A New Nightmare updated to v5.4 from v5.1
various map links updated

Thanks to TOG Unknown for crash-help and playtesting and Nanni Tani for playtesting.

Left 4 Dead servers info - here -

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[L4D] Servers updated - Hunter Training map 
Saturday, 2 January, 2010, 13:18 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
Hunter Training map updated to v3.0 and is on both servers.

Hunter Training is now L4D2 compatible, see readme for details. If too much of the map is modified specifically for L4D2 then this may be the last time I update this map for my L4D servers.

Full server details including info links - here -

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[L4D] Left 4 Dead servers updated 
Saturday, 19 December, 2009, 08:31 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
Servers updated to - info -

Left 4 Dead server details here..
ned's blog - Left 4 Dead Servers

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[L4D] new addition to the Left 4 Dead servers 
Tuesday, 20 October, 2009, 10:09 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
I added the Survival only map Dismember the Alamo, v2.0 by zapwizard to both servers. It's a good looking and well made map that plays well.

Requested by TOG Unknown.

Left 4 Sead server details - here -

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