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[D3] EMZ news 
Thursday, 17 April, 2008, 11:13 - Doom
For those that know of the Enhanced Militarized Zone (EMZ) mod for Doom 3 will be very pleased to hear that work is still being done on it! Simulation, EMZ's creator, recently gave us this news on his development blog -

For those who don't know what the EMZ mod for Doom 3 is about, it's a competition mod that adds many features and fixes many bugs.
v1.31a info page - here -

-multiplatform (win, linux, mac)
-runs from latest patch v1.3.1
-can be used from D3 or D3:RoE

Also, check out the world's current Doom 3 server list.
- -

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[D3] new IP for nedDOOM3 server 
Monday, 7 April, 2008, 07:42 - Doom
New IP for the nedDOOM3 mod server - -
Server info - here -

Last Man Standing v4 mod server Coming Soon!
- -

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Doom 3 and widescreen gaming 
Sunday, 3 February, 2008, 00:07 - Doom
So you like a bit of Doom 3 and you have a widescreen monitor? Well if the answer to that is yes to both then you may not know that you can in fact play Doom 3 in a widescreen format even though there are no options for this in the game's menu.

There are a few ways to set this up.
I've posted some info on one method - here -


For more widescreen gaming info check out...
- -

Thanks to TOG Jigoku for letting me know about that site!

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[D3] Last Man Standing mod v3.5 released! 
Sunday, 11 November, 2007, 07:17 - Doom
Last Man Standing Coop Mod is a Doom 3 Single Player and Multiplayer cooperative modification that aims to bring back the feel of the classic Dooms. Our LMS Mod gametype is survival in nature where you face swarms of attacking monsters to the adrenaline pumping energy of heavy metal soundtracks. We also fully support Cooperative play in the Single Player levels through the SP Coop gametype and the Doom 3 expansion pack ROE through the gametype ROE Coop. Also the Classic Doom for Doom 3 Mod has been integrated into LMS 3.0 to provide cooperative support!

v3.5 is a pre-v4 beta release. Main changes from v3 include:
-now works with latest patch v1.3.1
-various map bugs fixed
-various crash issues fixed
-vote results are now outputed properly
-added client tracking
-new coop scoring system
-new LMS theme song
-all of the zombies will now ragdoll
-lag improvments

Gametypes in this mod:

• LMS - killfest, progression, or defense style play.
• Classic Doom for Doom 3 coop
• Doom 3 coop
• Doom 3 ROE coop

-see readme and manual in docs folder for full details-

LMS v3.5 can be downloaded from - here -
Last Man Standing site
- -

When v4 is released I'll host a server for it!
A v3.5 test server will be ready soon.

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[D3] Classic Doom for Doom 3 mod update 
Thursday, 11 October, 2007, 11:15 - Doom
we have put together a new “final” release of our mod, Classic Doom 3 to satiate those who have recently bought Doom 3 via the steam download service, or those who wish to play the mod running Doom 3 patch 1.3.1.


This is a great mod! I highy recommend this to anyone who loves the feeling of running around blasting stuff into oblivion and loved the prior Dooms. This mod is now updated to run with the latest patched version of Doom 3 (v1.3.1) Multiplayer Deathmatch is also an option for ALL the maps.

Install what you need to play this mod, crank up the sound and play this beast =]
The mod is Classic Doom for Doom 3, and will feature the first episode of The Ultimate Doom.

Official Classic Doom website - here -

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[D3] new IP for nedDOOM3 server 
Tuesday, 9 October, 2007, 10:30 - Doom
New IP from today!!

nedDOOM3 server details plus more - here -

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[D3] Pro-dm map-pack available for download 
Tuesday, 3 July, 2007, 11:11 - Doom
These Pro-dm series of maps are modified versions of original Doom 3 multiplayer maps. According to the author, James Williams, fairer and better for comp play.

Available to play - -
Ί nedDOOM3 mod server, details - here -
Ί runs nedMAPPACK v6, details - here -

Pro-dm details - here -

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[D3] nedMAPPACK v6 completed! 
Monday, 2 July, 2007, 12:35 - Doom
I've finished putting together probably the final map-pack for the nedDOOM3 server. 19 custom maps in a 20 map rotation. Each map can be played in any gametype. Pack includes all original readme files in one .zip and an example mapcycle script.

Thanks to -AJ- for helping me map test, good games!
Thanks also to Tanya for her patience <3

nedMAPPACK v6 is on the server now.

For full mod and map details plus more see - here -

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[D3] nedDOOM3 mod update 
Thursday, 28 June, 2007, 12:04 - Doom
...just a minor adjustment to the mod

• renamed the .pk4 and folder so all letters are in lower-case
this prevents the linux players getting errors!
• added info to readme file

Thanks to TUB BullFrag (formally of cyberSLAMMERS {cS}) for the linux info!
I would never have figured the linux client errors out ;o

Server details plus more - here -
Full mod details - here -

nedMAPPACK v6 released within the next week!

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[D3] nedMAPPACK v6 2nd trial maps listed 
Saturday, 23 June, 2007, 03:21 - Doom
OK... I've finally put together a list of maps that I think will be in the nedMAPPACK v6

Testing in all gametypes will start soon after I complete a map-cycle and package the map-pack.

Here is the list:
Dark Base
d2map01 - Entryway
Dark Town (replaced D3DM_LV1024)
The Campgrounds
Catacomb v2
Blood Burns 2
Mancer01 Reincarnated EX
Tomiko Reactor
Wrong Turn
Deep Sea Research
Station M

Map details including author credits etc - here -
nedDOOM3 server details plus more - here -

edit: replaced D3DM_LV1024 with Dark Town

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