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[D3] nedDOOM3 mod and MapPack v6 online soon! 
Wednesday, 7 February, 2007, 09:57 - Doom
My Doom 3 mod will be online again sometime soon with a new mappack. This new mappack will be v6 and testing will start within the next week or two for map/mod compatibility. Contact me if you would like to help test some Doom 3 maps =]

nedDOOM3 mod details - here -

...stay tuned

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[ET] TCE server up soon 
Wednesday, 7 February, 2007, 08:29 - Enemy Territory
True Combat: Elite is a modern world total conversion for ET.
This mod will be available to play on my server soon.

- -

required files:

v0.49 full (450MB) - link -
v0.49b patch (7MB) - link -

v0.49 full is also available from GameArena - here -

TCE will be setup and tested first on my home server.
If you're interested in helping me test this mod contact me =]

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[RtCW] night2 10-Feb-07 
Wednesday, 7 February, 2007, 08:25 - Wolfenstein
The next RtCW event is on Saturday 10-Feb-07 from 9pm NSW time.
all welcome!

server details - here -

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[FEAR] Tokara Forest server 
Tuesday, 6 February, 2007, 11:33 - FEAR
Lobotomy's recreation of Tokara Forest is up to beta 3a. I've made up a server dedicated just for this great map =]

I'm sure this will be a hit at the next UniLAN!

Details - here -

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[ET] GA season 9 configs for nedETPRO news part 2 
Thursday, 1 February, 2007, 09:39 - Enemy Territory
Well I'm over waiting for the correct mapscripts from GameArena so I simply bypassed the hashchecks on Braundorf, Frostbite & Radar. The server configs including gaseason9 will now stay loaded when the above maps are selected.

See below for inital post re this.

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[FEAR] Tokara Forest made for FEAR 
Monday, 29 January, 2007, 09:02 - FEAR
A mapper by the name of Lobotomy has recreated Tokara Forest for F.E.A.R.
Unreal Tournament players will know this map well as it's a UT original.
This is an amzing recreation and I'm looking forward to the final version!

Details - here -

Look out for a server named 'Tokara Forest test' over the next few days!

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[ET] GA season 9 configs for nedETPRO news 
Saturday, 27 January, 2007, 07:24 - Enemy Territory
The public released server mapscripts and season 9 .config have issues. The mapscripts for radar, frostbite and braundorf don't match the hash numbers in the config. All other season 9 maps are ok. Currently if any of these three maps are selected the server configs will not load and the etpro default comp settings are forced.

They are aware of this. The server will be updated as soon as I have the correct mapscripts.

...stay tuned!

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[ET] server configs updated 
Friday, 26 January, 2007, 03:10 - Enemy Territory
GameArena season 9 has started. The nedETPRO server configs have been updated. The only difference between season 8 and 9 are maps and the addition of mapscripthashes in the config to ensure that servers have the same mapscripts as GA (trouble is the main config has no 'signature' so it's kind of irrelevent and easy to bypass).

season 8 - 9 changelog
swapped El Kef (SW) for El Kef (GA)
removed Heart of Gold
added Sottevast (beta 3b)
added Wurttemberg (beta 4)

nedETPRO details - here -

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[UT04] nedUT2004 update 
Friday, 26 January, 2007, 01:47 - Unreal
By request, I've been working on improving some of the UT2004 info.

nedUT2004_pack updated.
-now includes info and 'how to install' text file
-now includes .ogg files - see info.txt for details -

Improved install and file info on server page.

TAM 1v1 config setup for internal TOG comp completed.

BotManager mod now available to download in a non-ut4mod format.

All details - here -

keep on fraggin' =]

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[ET] new maps --- Supply Depot & Wurttemberg 
Thursday, 25 January, 2007, 11:31 - Enemy Territory
GameArena Enemy Territory season 9 has begun - link -
Two maps have been added to the server to comply with season 9

Supply Depot (v1.0 final)
Wurttemberg (beta 4)

Maps can be downloaded from the server or - here -

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