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It's been a while..  
Saturday, 29 December, 2012, 06:30 - >Misc Chat
Posted by ned

What a year.

BIG real life changes.
Very LITTLE gaming.
Virtually no internet connection.. tethering via my iPhone and 3G isn't game friendly.

It's been 12 month since my last post!

Here's a list of some things I'll be doing in the near future when time permits.

Will be checking out Doom 3: BFG Edition and see if it works with my nedDOOM3 [RealDamage] Mod.

I'm curious about Far Cry 3 co-op.

TomTom over at the FritzBot forums is back working on waypoints which is awesome news! I'll be having a look at them for sure..

All servers are offline for now and have been for several months.
More info on this hopefully soon.


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