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[Crayon Physics Deluxe] 2D and it rocks! 
Friday, 10 September, 2010, 03:32 - >Games (PC)
Posted by ned
Crayon Physics Deluxe by kloonigames is a delightfully addictive and challenging 2D physics puzzle game where you solve puzzles with your artistic vision and creative use of physics. Such a simple concept and it been worked perfectly. There's a demo available and I highly recommend giving it a run. It's great to kill some time with. It's also fun to even work as a team if someone is there with you. Don't dismiss this as a child-only game. It gets quite tough in parts!

Crayon Physics Deluxe - official site
Kloonigames - Monthly Experimental Games

Crayon Physics Deluxe can be bought via the official web site or Steam.
Crayon Physics Deluxe on Steam

Crayon Physics Deluxe is also available in iTunes. I tried it on my iPhone and while it's a nice idea the size of the screen relative to your fingers makes it difficult to navigate your drawings. You do get used to it to a point though. I'd like to try it on an iPad..
Crayon Physics Deluxe on the iTunes App Store

Crayon Physics Deluxe was mentioned in the 'TOG Games Industry Podcast #1' which is a place where this game can be discussed..
The Older Gamers Games Industry Podcast #1

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