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[L4D] I Hate Mountains 
Monday, 14 June, 2010, 00:48 - Left 4 Dead
Posted by ned
I Hate Mountains created by Nicolas "NykO18" Grevet, Marc "Moroes" Bidoul and Geoffroy "Kane" Espinasse with community help and support is now on both servers. This Campaign is stunning and the gameplay engages you in a way not found in many custom releases. It's also VERY actively supported. The first public release has only recently happened and the team is working hard on updating it with well over 20 fixes and tweaks. These guys are pushing the limits of the game's engine to its limits.. check the website for details.

Official site - -

There's heaps of info about the Campaign, the team and even a detailed changelog for the soon to be released version 1.2 plus much more.

When installing this, please read the readme file!

Left 4 Dead servers info - HERE -

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