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Tuesday, 2 September, 2008, 23:41 - >Games (PC)
ok... it's been a bit quiet around here of late!

Here's a list of what will be happening soon.
• Crysis Instant Action (deathmatch) server has one more test night before completion.
• Medal of Honor Airborne server has a 2 or 3 more test nights before completion.
• Far Cry 2v2 Assault mod (server pack) has one more night before completion.
• Unreal 2004 server. I'll create a download pack for all the custom content (except the Epic Games Official Bonus MegaPack which includes the latest patch v3369). Many of the links I've provided have died over time. I'll provide a pack so all that's required will be two downloads. Fast server downloads will still remain available :)
• Star Wars Battlefront 2 server near completion. Black Bag Operations Star Wars Battlefront II server manager v1.10 will be available for download here soon.
• FEAR servers will be tested with ServerShield (SEC).

There is many many many more things 'to do'. That's just a list of most things that will be done in the near future.

Don't forget, if you would like to be involved in testing of games, custom maps and mods, feel free to join my xfire group.
- -

Events are held when time permits.
I also take server requests ;p

My game server runs 24 hours a day but usually with only one game active at a time.
Most of my server names start with ned.

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