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[UT04] UT2Vote v5.7 released! 
Saturday, 8 September, 2007, 09:13 - Unreal
ProAsm has released an update (v5.7) for the great mod, UT2Vote.

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Changes and Fixes in UT2Vote57

Map Count
Fixed the problem where the last map (250) was left out.

Clan Maps
Fixed problem with Clan Map sorting.
Fixed problem with ClanSetup menu monitoring paused game.
Fixed problem where clan map download timer expired prematurely.

Admin Game Settings
Fixed the problem where the Admin could not correctly set the options in the AdminGame Menu.

Admin Leaving Server
Fixed the problem where the Admin was not removed from the Admin list when leaving a Server.

Added ?Tickrate= option to each GameType string to adjust server tickrate.

Top 10 Maps
Increased to a maximum of 30 maps depending on mapname length.

This option has been put back in the IniOnly section and is used for slower servers that tend to dump their players if the level takes to long to changeover.
Default is 60, but if difficulties are experienced, this should be incresed to 90.

Spectator Spying.
This is a new feature which has been added both Serverside and Clientside.
When enabled on both sides and a Spectator is viewing a player, that Player will be notified via a message on his/her screen that they are being viewed.
When the Spectator switches their view to another player, the previous player will also be notified that he/she is no longer being viewed by that particular player.
If the Admin sets this serverside setting as False all Spectator Spying will be disabled regardless of the Clientside settings.
Allow Spy Messages
Here the player has the option of checking or unchecking this option.
If unchecked no messages will appear should a spectator be viewing this player.

The nedUT2004 server, the 'Good Stuff' thread and the nedUT2004_pack have all been updated.
(the new Spectator Spy function is disabled on the server)

Details - here -
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