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[ET] map update --- Frost Competition Edition (beta 3) 
Saturday, 3 March, 2007, 17:00 - Enemy Territory
CyburK has updated the competition version of his map Frost to beta 3
Many people complained about beta2 being too easy for the attackers. I think this version will balance the gaming for both teams. The first stage (towers, command post) should now be easier to defend. this is where you can make the most time
i guess. It's now harder for the allies to get their command post built. but i still think the attackers have an advantage cause they do not necessarily need the command post to get the radars and escape.
In the second stage the axis now can spawn at an alternative location making them a little bit more protected against spawn killing. Due to the allies spawning in the towers once the command post is built, the ways to the objectives are slightly longer and should make up for better gameplay in the second stage.
Once the radars are captured it will be hard to stop the truck cause its pretty fast now. To stop the truck the axis better get the command post back and close the gate before the truck has passed it.

beta3 Changes:

-Allies Spawn behind the Hills
-Axis Spawn in the Library
-When the Allies have built their Command Post they Spawn in the Towers. North by default, South as an alternative.
-Axis have a second Spawn near their back Spawn.


-There are now 2 !!!! Radar Prototypes that have to be stolen.
-Second Radar Prototype is located under the Radar Station.


-Axis have a team Door near the South Tower
-The Castle Gate can be closed and opend now. Allies can only open it Axis only close.
-The Command Post is now in the first Floor of the North Tower.
-Truck is much faster now.
-Changed the Sky to Nightsky.


-Roofs in the Second Stage cant be accessed any more.
-Engis dont get crushed when fixing the Truck on the loading Area.
-Swastika Poster removed.

Download from server or - here -

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