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[D3] patch v1.3.1 released 
Wednesday, 7 February, 2007, 10:03 - Doom
Details - here - :
Fri Feb 2 14:59:44 CST 2007

Doom 3(TM) 1.3.1

We've posted a Doom 3 update (version 1.3.1) to ftp and torrent. You will find a detailed list of changes below.
There is nothing major in this update, but we had accumulated various fixes and improvements over recent months
and we felt it was worth putting a new release out. We've been testing the game under Vista, and we're also
bringing back cross-platform multiplayer compatibility with the Mac (the installer was contributed by Aspyr[1]).

A few notes about Vista:

We've tested Doom 3 and Quake 4 to run fine on Windows Vista, provided you have an OpenGL ICD installed
(provided by your GPU vendor). Both NVidia and AMD/ATI have released an OpenGL ICD in their latest driver line.

If no OpenGL ICD is present, the default OpenGL driver is a wrapper to D3D provided by Microsoft, which lacks the
necessary features to run id games with their full performance and graphical impact.

The install CDs (and DVDs) for Doom 3 and Quake 4 will install the game fine under Vista. The Quake 4 installer
may require you to install Flash Player first, and Vista may pop occasional warning windows but in the end
you will get a working installation.

Fixes and updates in 1.3.1:
- Tested and improved Vista compatibility
- Fix a potential crash in physics
- Fix an issue with pak downloaded being immediately appended without filesystem restart
- Fixes to DNS lookup, reduced the stalls
- Updated the code to gcc 4.0 compliance, for Mac OSX universal binaries and GNU/Linux x86 binaries
- Threading implementation for Mac and Linux is more compliant with the Win32 behaviours
- Fix Alsa sound backend (Linux)
- Fixes to tty code (Linux)

Fixes for modding/SDK:
- Fix RevBitFieldSwap issue (affected only big endian platforms)
- Fix ReadBindFromSnapshot
- Verbose overflow check in idBitMsg::WriteBits and apply related fixes
- Fix a GetFileList issue
- Expose key states and button states to the game
- Pass lastPredictFrame to the game (client prediction)
- Pass HandleMainMenuCommands to the game
- Pass the GUID to the game (in ClientConnect call)
- Allow game to override gui load menu

this patch also changes server protocol so client MUST equal server version to join. If you patch your client you will NOT be able to join v1.3 servers.
this will patch ANY current Doom 3 version to v1.3.1

The nedDOOM3 mod server will be running with this latest patch soon.

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