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[ET] Warbell etpromapscript installed 
Wednesday, 6 September, 2006, 10:34 - Enemy Territory
I've installed an etpromapscript for the map Warbell.

-quote from McNite the map maker-
restricts the access to the roof room at the belltower constructible to make defense up there a lot more vulnerable to explosives and to get rid of the massive backshooting that engies experienced a lot
sets allied spawntime to 25s instead of 20s giving the attackers another 5s of travel time advantage
makes the bellmechanism buildable with 1 engie chargebar (instead of 1.5), which makes the construction a lot faster
removes the wait at the mapend: map is won right after the 3rd sacrifice (Der'Saidin from GA league from downunder suggested this)

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