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[ET] new map for server 
Friday, 19 May, 2006, 12:31 - Enemy Territory
June 1943: The Axis have a small but vital communication outpost, which controls the Blitzkrieg on all major frontlines. This outpost is equipped with the new radar technology and the Allies are planning an attack (codename: Snatch). The aim is to steal a radar part which in turn will give the Allies crucial electronical know-how.

Will the Axis defend the outpost or will Operation Snatch be a success for the Allied Forces?

SteelRat released the latest version of his map Snatch today. After a break from mapping he is back. His previous maps include X-Dam, v2-Base and X-Posed.

Snatch will be included in the next public custom map testing night. I'm hoping GameArena will consider this map for season 8 (along with Base 12)

Download - HERE -

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