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[PS3] I've had a look into the dark side ? 
Sunday, 25 April, 2010, 03:57 - >PlayStation 3
Posted by ned
Well I bought a PlayStation 3. For gaming? No... but I was curious to see what gaming was like on a console. I have had quick goes on PlayStation 3s and Xbox 360s before but they just didn't grab me. My genre of choice is shooters, specifically 1st person. With console controllers I just can't aim. When I say this I really mean it. I'm appalling and embarrassing at the same time.

I was in the market for a home entertainment package and of course required a Blu-ray Player. Learning that the PS3 was a Blu-ray player and can be used as an excellent media center (after listening to the TOG Games Industry Podcast - Episode 7) I including one in the package.

I'm impressed so far with the entertainment package but won't bore people about that. Now I had my own PS3 I could get to see what games I could play on occasions that weren't shooters. To be 100% sure with my lack of ability to play console shooters I downloaded some demos... ouch painful lol.

I remembered being impressed with how my nephew played Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II on the Xbox 360 so I know there was potential for me to find something console-ned-friendly.

To keep things brief I now have three games in my collection.
(not including some Crash Bandicoot classics for my wife)

Fight Night Round 4
-recommended by a good gaming buddy TUB Baldy

God of War III
-I got after playing the demo

WipEout HD
-I got this after hearing about it in the TOG Games Industry Podcast Season 2 - Ep 19 and downloading the trailers.

I like what I see so far. There are games out there that I can enjoy on a console... just NOT shooters. I'm looking forward to playing these more especially WipEout HD multiplayer. I'll comment further of these games sometime soon..


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