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      • [ET] map fix update -- ET UFO
        The final version of the map ET UFO (which is a remake of Foo Fighter from RtCW) by SiX has some missing light textures.

        Details plus fix - here -

      • [ET] new maps --- Sub base & Venice
        I've installed a potential new comp map called Sub Base by d3coy. The current version is beta 4 and is progressing nicely.The allies have taken control of an Axis Sub Base. An Axis task force has been sent back to this base to steal their own Enigma Decoder machine from the Allies


      • [D3] nedDOOM3 server online!
        By request the nedDOOM3 server is back online and running on the latest patch v1.3.1

        At the moment it's setup for default maps only.
        nedMAPPACK v6 in testing now... stay tuned!

        ...more details soon!

      • [UT04] UT2Vote v5.6 released!
        ProAsm and his team have released a new version of their voting mutator for UT2004.

        Some changes/fixes: menu more user friendly
        restored access to the default settings in WebAdmin
        addition of semiadmin functions

        - -


      • [ET] map news --- mrfin
        mrfin has created, in my opinion, some of the best maps in ET history! Here is some news!

        Fritzbot team are working on this map (__BRIDGES__.pk3)

        Fritzbot team are working on this map (lighthouse.pk3)

        The etna project.

      • [FEAR] map news --- Lobotomy
        Lobotomy is recreating the Unreal Tournament map Roughinery. The map is in it's early beta stage but is still available for public play at BoI~SuperGunsInsanity -

        For those that don't know, Lobotomy is recreating the UT map Tokara Forest!
        Details here - h

      • [ET] map update --- Base 12 (beta 6)
        TF has released an update for Base 12

        beta 6 changes:- Allies can spawn also downstairs now in their first spawn (also this room is bigger now)
        - Edited terrain
        - Some texture changes

        ET-Cup is holding a Base 12 special event!

      • [PREY] new patch released --- v1.3
        Happy days for mac users!This update include compatibility files for the Mac port of Prey. There are no bug fixes or new content in this release.

        This patch will update any version of Prey.

        Official site here:
        - -

        Prey server co

      • [ET] new map --- Frost Competition (beta 2)
        CyburK has released a competition version of his map Frost after feedback from the ET community.

        Details - here -

        Full info regarding changes from initial Frost map included in the readme.
        Frost and Frost Competition are both on the server.

        Download from s

      • [ET] etpromapscript updates
        I've updated some mapscripts on the nedETPRO server.

        Adlernest - fixes destroyed wall bug - Dersaidin
        Base 12 - removed wait before wm_endround - ned
        SW Goldrush TE - fixes pillar cheat - KingJackaL
        (I've removed the wait time before wm_endround on sw_goldr

      • [RtCW] RtCW FritzBot mod server coming soon!
        Due to not enough numbers in the RtCW OSP nights I've decided to have up and running the FritzBot mod so players can be added when required.

        New required files for now:
        Fritz RtCW v0.53
        Fritz RtCW v0.54 patch
        Fritz RtCW v0.54b patch

        Download from -

      • [ET] initial test of TC:E mod went well
        Well I have to say that the True Combat: Elite mod is better than I first expected!

        Initial testing went well.
        Thanks to gasman for helping me.

        ...more details soon.

      • [D3] patch v1.3.1 released
        Details - here - :
        Fri Feb 2 14:59:44 CST 2007

        Doom 3(TM) 1.3.1

        We've posted a Doom 3 update (version 1.3.1) to ftp and torrent. You will find a detailed list of changes below.
        There is nothing major in this

      • [D3] nedDOOM3 mod and MapPack v6 online soon!
        My Doom 3 mod will be online again sometime soon with a new mappack. This new mappack will be v6 and testing will start within the next week or two for map/mod compatibility. Contact me if you would like to help test some Doom 3 maps =]

        nedDOOM3 mod details - here -


      • [ET] TCE server up soon
        True Combat: Elite is a modern world total conversion for ET.
        This mod will be available to play on my server soon.

        - -

        required files:

        v0.49 full (450MB) - link -
        v0.49b patch (7MB) - link -

        v0.49 full is also

      • [RtCW] night2 10-Feb-07
        The next RtCW event is on Saturday 10-Feb-07 from 9pm NSW time.
        all welcome!

        server details - here -

      • [FEAR] Tokara Forest server
        Lobotomy's recreation of Tokara Forest is up to beta 3a. I've made up a server dedicated just for this great map =]

        I'm sure this will be a hit at the next UniLAN!

        Details - here -

      • [ET] GA season 9 configs for nedETPRO news part 2
        Well I'm over waiting for the correct mapscripts from GameArena so I simply bypassed the hashchecks on Braundorf, Frostbite & Radar. The server configs including gaseason9 will now stay loaded when the above maps are selected.

        See below for inital post re this.

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