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[BF2] Co-op server update 
Monday, 7 May, 2007, 08:58 - Battlefield
I've found a single-player/coop mod that will work online with a few tweaks and includes the three maps that default BF2 doesn't support in Co-op mode. The mod is called Bf2SP64 v2.31.

Now ALL maps are available to play Co-op ;]

details - here -

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[ETQW] Quake Wars server news 
Friday, 4 May, 2007, 14:43 - ET: QUAKE Wars
When Enemy Territory Quake Wars is released I'll be setting up and running a server for it. It will be a home for playing/testing custom maps and competition mods.

Unfortionately, I'll be removing the ET/RtCW server to do this. I'll still have the home test servers availabe on request.

...more news soon.

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[RtCW] FritzBot mod server completed 
Friday, 4 May, 2007, 14:29 - Wolfenstein
I've setup a FritzBot RtCW mod server. It runs the latest version (v0.54b) plus the Fritz Media Pack. I've set this up to run on demand. When ETQW is released I'll be running a server for it. Unfortionately to do this I'll be removing my ET/RtCW server. This is why I've setup this mod. I want to get some good RtCW games in before ETQW is released. If we're low on numbers I'll just add some BOTs ;p

Thanks to TOG|SnakeTails for helping me test the server.

For those who don't know, The FritzBot mod creator, Maleficus, has been employed by ID to setup the BOTs for ETQW ;]

RtCW server details and mod download - here -

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[ET] server update 
Friday, 27 April, 2007, 11:50 - Enemy Territory
I've patched up several exploits on the nedETPRO server via the installation of a Lua module by ReyalP and McSteve.

ALL installed configs on the server will load this module.

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[BF2] Australian Forces mod 
Friday, 27 April, 2007, 11:33 - Battlefield
I recently looked at the Australian Forces mod for BF2 and I have to say, I'm impressed!

From the official FAQs
Q: What is the Australian Forces mod about?
A: Battlefield 2: Australian Forces is a singleplayer and multiplayer modification for the team-based modern warfare game Battlefield 2. The aim of the Australian Forces modification is to replace the United States forces with Australian forces; including new player, weapon and vehicles skins, HUD changes, and new weapons and vehicles in future releases.

We aim to base the mod as closely to the real ADF as possible, although we make no excuses for sometimes sacrificing this realism to keep the gameplay balanced and fun in terms of the Battlefield 2 universe - after all, that is why we play and develop mods!

This mod is well worth a look!
For full details see the official site:
- -

The Co-op element of the game adds to some of the standard maps that are not available to play with standard BF2:
Kubra Dam
Mashtuur City
Wake Island

There is also a custom map available:
Kubaysah Cement Factory

I've setup a Co-op server for the AUS Forces mod.
details - here -

I had to edit an .ai file to get the BOTs to work how I wanted them ie. team size and balancing using the standard BF2 coop server settings. Details on how to do this are - here -

See the following server to play Conquest:

Internode AusForces #1

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[D3] FAQ re problems entering Doom 3 servers completed 
Saturday, 21 April, 2007, 04:24 - Doom
I've given explanations of three common issues people get when trying to enter a Doom 3 server.
"this server requires punkbuster"
"server uses protocol 1.41"
"Data not in sync with server data"

details - here -

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[ET] mapscript update for Vesuvius (beta 1) 
Friday, 20 April, 2007, 07:48 - Enemy Territory
mrfin & FireFly has released a mapscript update for Vesuvius (beta 1). It fixes a mystery scripting error ;o
...anyway, server has been updated :]

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[MOHAA] Breakthrough server update 
Wednesday, 18 April, 2007, 12:24 - Medal of Honor
I've just finished redoing my MOHAA-BT server ;]

adjustments are:
axis set to use shotgun instead of gewehrgranate
portable MG42s removed
leaning while running disabled
added menu mod by ned
added blood mod by Crizz
added mustard gas mod by DV8R

Thanks to -AJ- and -|SWS|- Cadet 1Paps Bauer for helping me with the testing of settings/mods.

server details - here -

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[ET] map update --- Frost Comp Edition (beta 6) 
Wednesday, 18 April, 2007, 09:05 - Enemy Territory
CyburK has released another version of Frost!
-see readme for the full changelog-

Frost Competition Edition is close to a possible final :)

download from server or - here -

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[MOHAA] Breakthrough 'portable MG42 removal mod' 
Monday, 16 April, 2007, 11:23 - Medal of Honor
I've made a small server-side mod which removes the portable MG42s in MOHAA Breakthrough. The stationary MG42s remain.

details - here -

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