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[UT04] Frag Down movie 
Saturday, 15 March, 2008, 05:47 - Unreal
This movie is well worth the download. It's very well done and has some great shock combos!

- Frag Down - Xvid -

Check out one of the tools used plus links to other movies
- -

There is also a UT3 release ;p

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what is World of Warcraft? 
Wednesday, 20 February, 2008, 07:50 - >Games (PC)
This is something I've wondered about for a while now. Yes I know it's a game in the MMORPG genre and I've watched people play it but I've never really had a grasp of it. That is until now! NO, I'm not playing it but after reading an excellent review by Wiz_74 from TOG things are now making some sense :)

World of Warcraft A Noobs Journey - link -

I've always been curious to know how this game works and why it's so damn popular. To someone like me, ie. someone who has never played any game within this genre, this article is refreshingly informative and noob friendly.

A couple of quotes from the review to note:
• I quickly realised that it was made to run on almost any computer and scaled up and down an incredible amount

• It’s easy to play and anyone can jump in and within a few minutes be running around killing and questing to their hearts content while at the same time, it caters for the hardcore gamer very well.

^^^ just that alone is close to a winning formula in my opinion.

Read the article and see what you think. Feel free to register on the TOG forum and have your say about it! The discussion link is at the bottom of the review page :)

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[UT3] Campgrounds done! 
Thursday, 7 February, 2008, 10:50 - Unreal
Well it had to happen! It started with the Quake III map q3dm6 which was one of the more popular default maps. The layout has proved to be very popular with remakes being made for UT 2004, Doom 3, Quake 4 and now UT3.

DM-Campgrounds2K8 is a beautiful map and well worth the download. It plays well in UT3 and feels good. The only negative in my opinion is the map's skybox. I find it blurs and it looks out-of-place... BUT... when playing the map you would probably never even notice it ;p

Details and download links - here -

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[ETQW] Official Competition Mod coming soon! 
Thursday, 7 February, 2008, 10:22 - ET: QUAKE Wars
Many have been waiting for this, and with the features it will have, it looks to be well worth the wait!

some featutres:
• added cvar-based limits for classes, weapons, deployables, and mines.
• Added ability to permanently enable XP unlocks such as Faster Sprint, Grenade Launcher, Reduced Weapon Spread, Extra Clip, and Scoped Assault Rifle.
• Added pause functionality: Teams can call time-outs, and Admins can pause and unpause the game.
• Added ability to scale pitch and yaw values for every vehicle to fully customize mouse sensitivity.
• Added setSpawnPoint command with several options to allow keybinds for selecting spawn points.
• Reduced Radar range.
• Added map-specific changes across the board to improve gameplay for competition (including number of vehicles).
• Added various Spectator improvements:
-Names displayed above player's heads.
-Time remaining on planted charges.
-Pressing use while looking at a player spectates that player.
-New "spectate" console command to switch spectator players, jump to players currently constructing the objective, or jump to a preset angle and position on the map.

More details - here -

The beta version will installed asap for testing followed by the final version when released ;p

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Doom 3 and widescreen gaming 
Sunday, 3 February, 2008, 00:07 - Doom
So you like a bit of Doom 3 and you have a widescreen monitor? Well if the answer to that is yes to both then you may not know that you can in fact play Doom 3 in a widescreen format even though there are no options for this in the game's menu.

There are a few ways to set this up.
I've posted some info on one method - here -


For more widescreen gaming info check out...
- -

Thanks to TOG Jigoku for letting me know about that site!

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RIP Bobby Fischer 
Saturday, 19 January, 2008, 10:09 - >Misc Chat
A true genius but troubled soul.
I've been fascinated about this guy for most of my life.

He died in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.

Read more - link -

Quote from Russian chess grandmaster Mark Taimanov
It is symbolic that he died at 64 as 64 is the number that symbolises the chess board

There's been books, a movie which 'kind of' was about him - link - and much stuff on youtube.
Probably the most debated person in chess.

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upgrade time! 
Saturday, 19 January, 2008, 08:36 - >Misc Chat
Well, many of you know I've had no PC all year :( My old one's mobo died. It was great system that gave me many years of joy.
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton (o/c)
Abit NF7-S v2 BIOS ID: 25
GeIL PC3700 Golden Dragon 2 x 512MB (o/c)
XFX GeForce 6800 GT
Creative Audigy2 ZS
Western Digital SATA 10000prm Raptors
Power Enermax Noisetaker 600W
Case Lian-LI PC60 modded
WinXP Pro SP2 directX 9.0c
Swiftech water-cooled CPU

the new one!

Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6
4GB GeIL PC6400

I'll be installing Vista ult 64 soon.

I have to say that this system runs game beautifully! The old one still ran all my games but at very low settings while the new one gives as much eye candy as I can handle ;p

Thanks to the following for helping me with the upgrade:

• TOG OldnBold
• TOG Binary-Ninja
• rok shim

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What is a rebound relationship? 
Thursday, 27 December, 2007, 21:43 - >Misc Chat
Ever wondered what a rebound relationship is?
A rebound relationship is one where you (or your partner if they're the one rebounding) are still affected by a previous significant relationship. That impacts on either the quality of the current relationship or your perception of it.

In essence, when you're in a rebound relationship you spend a significant amount of time focusing on your previous one. Focusing on what could have been, what went wrong, wondering if you did the right thing in splitting up and lots more besides. All the time you focus on your old relationship you are draining the potential of your current one to be successful.

You spend the time focusing on the old relationship because you have unanswered questions, because you still hurt from some of the experiences you went through, because you haven't taken the time that your mind and your heart needs to work through the painful emotions you're still feeling.

More info - here -

That was a community message from your friendly neighbourhood nerd ;p

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[ETQW] v1.4 out soon! 
Friday, 14 December, 2007, 09:26 - ET: QUAKE Wars
There are some great things coming to ETQW :)

• New User Interface Features
• Basic Training for New Players
• Auto-Downloading
• Further Gameplay Balance Improvements
• Networking
• Bug Fixes

Full details - here -

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[ETQW] nedETQW & rokETQW server info 
Wednesday, 28 November, 2007, 03:58 - ET: QUAKE Wars

• for testing
• BOT play
• LAN ready


• prac server for Regiment of Khaos clan and friends
• same settings as nedETQW
• passworded
• available to use for testing and scrims - contact me -

details - here -

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