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Friday, 16 January, 2009, 13:36 - >Misc Chat
Posted by ned
Many of you know my server hasn't had a dedicated connection for quite some time due to moving house and other interuptions. Well, it looks like I'll be setup again soon connection wise... maybe 2-3 weeks. In the meantime only certain games can be played on it online.

I'm looking forward to stress testing my server upgrade :)

Stay tuned ;p

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[SS2] Serious Sam 2 Deathmatch Pro server coming soon 
Thursday, 15 January, 2009, 15:07 - Serious Sam
Posted by ned
I've decided to set up a server for the Deathmatch Pro mod for Serious Sam 2. This has some nice features both for the players and server admins. Test nights will be coming up soon.

See here for mod details and info

Some things of interest for the test nights:
new maps
force everyone to be Sam server setting
modified weapons/hud/scoreboard/death messages

Unfortionately development on this mod had ceased, at least for now. It does however appear to be solid enough to play.

Required Files

- patch v2.070

- Deathmatch Pro mod v0.8

Any problems contact me via this blog or xfire ;]

Stay Tuned!


Serious Sam 2 server info here - Servers List -
Serious Sam 2 general info etc here - Info, Links and Downloads -


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[ET] by request, 'How to Install ET' now in blog 
Friday, 9 January, 2009, 22:56 - Enemy Territory
Posted by ned
I've completed (and updated) the "How to install ET" page in the blog. I was contacted about this and the person was having problems with the 2.60b patch. Extra info on this patch has been added.

Details - Info, Links and Downloads -

Also, Fritz Bot ET mod is available for download - here -

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nerd saying hello! 
Friday, 9 January, 2009, 07:51 - >Nerd saying Hello!
Posted by ned
Hello Raelene!

fancy that..
having your name on a geek site, how embarrassing ;]

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[ET] next on the list is Enemy Territory .. plus Fritz Bot news  
Friday, 9 January, 2009, 07:18 - Enemy Territory
Posted by ned
In case you haven't noticed I'm moving all of the forum content over to the blog. I've decided to work on the Enemy Territory section next. It's the largest one to do and I was going to tackle it last but there have been some Fritz Bot mod updates over the last few months that I'd like to have a look at. The latest update is from TomTom. He's made a waypoint pack for the map Warehouse (final) by zig-zag. Details - here.

I'll be working on the ET section in groups. More details soon!

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[RtCW] all Return to Castle Wolfenstein content moved to the blog 
Sunday, 4 January, 2009, 13:41 - Wolfenstein
Posted by ned
I still have some things on my 'to do' list for RtCW but what was in the forum is now in the blog.

Fritz Bot and OSP mod server details here - Servers List -
..and more here - Info, Link and Downloads -

note: Fritz Bot mod download updated.

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[SWAT4] The Stetchkov Syndicate / Sheriff's Special Forces mod 
Saturday, 3 January, 2009, 03:46 - SWAT
Posted by ned
I was recommended this game for its coop play by TOG Fox who is, like me, a cooperative gameplay fan. I gave it a bit of a test run last night and I like it very much. Very intense.

So, I've added this game on my 'to do' list. Coop and the various other multiplayer modes will be looked at. To be more specific, I'll be running the Sheriff's Special Forces (SSF) Realism Mod v3.1 which is for the The Stetchkov Syndicate expansion pack.

I'm new to this game but here's some basic info.

Be part of a squad and use authentic weaponry and tactics in various SWAT scenarios.

In the singleplayer you lead. In multiplayer it's team based SWAT v suspects. In the multiplayer coop you can lead or be a part of a squad versus suspects.

SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate expansion pack
-new missions playable in single-player, multiplayer and co-op mode
-new SWAT equipment and weapons and the addition of a melee attack
-new objective types
-new multiplayer mode Smash and Grab
-voting and server browser improvements

Sheriff's Special Forces (SSF) Realism Mod for The Stetchkov Syndicate
-The Stetchkov Syndicate expansion pack is required to play this mod
-latest version from original authors v3.1
-singleplayer, multiplayers and coop additions and tweaks
-weapons and equipment additions and tweaks
-gameplay additions like door check with report commands and aggresive arrest have been added plus much more
-AI improvments

Sheriff's Special Forces (SSF) Realism Mod v3.1 can be downloaded from - here -

The Sheriff's Special Forces (SSF) Realism Mod is also available for the original SWAT 4. The latest version is 2.2 and can be found at - -

A patch was released for SWAT 4 (v1.1) and can be found at the Sierra Entertainment website -
> select downloads - select swat 4 - select downloads tab

Here is the install order for those wanting to play SSF Realism mod v3.1
-SWAT 4 patch v1.1
-The Stetchkov Syndicate expansion pack
-Sheriff's Special Forces Realism Mod v3.1

Stay tuned for future server details!

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[SS2] more Serious Sam 2 info added 
Thursday, 1 January, 2009, 12:42 - Serious Sam
Posted by ned
I've added some additional info to my Serious Sam 2 FAQs. Included is a 'how to' on adding some more info to your screen. I've also added some more to the dedicated server tips page including my current configs.

Hit the Info, Links and Downloads link to the right and go the Serious Sam 2 section.

edit: after some feedback tonight while playing I've changed the Deathmatch fraglimit to 25 from 10. Timelimit remains at 15 minutes.

Serious Sam 2 server details - link -

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[MOH-A] Medal of Honor Airborne and PBSetup v3.4  
Tuesday, 30 December, 2008, 08:03 - Medal of Honor
Posted by ned
This is for server admins who want to use PBSetup to install or update Punkbuster into Medal of Honor Airborne.

First some links:
Medal of Honor Airborne

MOH Airborne dedicated server pack v1.3

PunkBuster Online Countermeasures

PBSetup (Updating PunkBuster with PBSetup)

At the time of this post the current version of PBSetup was 3.4 which has an issue with the MOH Airborne v1.3 dedicated server pack. When running PBSetup and selecting 'Add a Game' and then selecting 'Medal of Honor: Airborne', PBSetup provides an incorrect default 'Game Path'. This is strange because PBSetup works OK with the full game version. There is only an issue with the server pack.

The incorrect given path is..
C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Medal of Honor Airborne\UnrealEngine 3\MOHAGame\

There should be no space betweeen the e and 3

It should be..
C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Medal of Honor Airborne\UnrealEngine3\MOHAGame\

So, all you have to do is remove the space in the 'Game Path' line and you're good to go.
Even Balance, Inc. have been notified about this error.

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[SS] all Seious Sam content moved to the blog 
Monday, 29 December, 2008, 09:15 - Serious Sam
Posted by ned more step closer to moving all the forum content to the blog! All the Serious Sam info has been transferred (and updated).

Serious Sam PC games list
Serious Sam 2 server details
Serious Sam 2 v2.070 patch link
Serious Sam 2 FAQs which includes the version mismatch error issue
Serious Sam 2 Dedicated Server Utility v1.07 download

See 'Servers List' & 'Info, Links and Downloads' links to the right.

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